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Payday Must Buys!

It’s that time of the month again…


P A Y D A Y.  T I M E!!!!

Head towards a brand new fashion season & find deals to quench your taste!!

Payday has arrived! Bank Holiday has gone! That moment when we forget about everything and live that prestige lifestyle spending like no one’s business!! Now what better way to treat ourselves than to pat ourselves on the back and go shopping! This is the time we reevaluate on the things we drooled over this month and begin to spend our hard-earned cash! – am I right? or am I rightttt?!

It’s been a month full of career growth and hard grafting so why not spend some hard-earned dosh on some cute new buys! Why not treat yourself to that one little thing that you’ve been itching to buy yourself…for a while now! Keep it cheap and cheerful or bring your designer diva style purchase into light! – It’s your bargain – It’s your choice!

You might be someone who takes pride in saving that hard-earned cash – which by all means is amazingggg and so you may then want to purchase something on a cheap and cheerful level – which is just as good!! There is no need to spend huge amounts of dosh on any items, you can go without and spend even as little as £10 on that one item you so much crave for!

Now, for those who may feel the urge to treat themselves a slightly bit more or who may be feeling a little ‘bougie’ and feel no way to spend on payday then hey’ why not grab those pair of designer shoes you’ve been dying to buyyy – a woman’s best friend!

We’ve taken a tour round some of our favourite online retailers (high-street/luxury) to bring you a wide selection of must-buy pieces for payday and we’ve come up with a selection of different items for your Summer collection! Here are some of ‘CVUK’s must buys’ which will cover all styles of ages, across menswear and womenswear and we hope these inspire you!

Andrea black D-frame sunglasses // Buy: Céline // Price: £249

Wide Open Neck Shirt With Puffy Sleeves // Buy: Zara // Price: £22.99 (F)

                                 Pink Marshmellow // Buy: Zara (F)

            Slub Knit Polo Shirt – Sea Green // Buy: Zara // Price: £19.99 (M)


              Linen Trousers With belt: Yellow// Buy: Zara // Price £29.99 (F)

     Pink twist satin skirt // Buy: Brownsfashion.com // Price: £825 (F)

                     Green Bermuda Shorts // Buy: Zara // Price: £29.99

Feather Gingham Summer Dress // Buy: Jigsaw // Price: £140 (F)

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             Rose Antic Leather Tote // Buy: Saint Laurent // Price: £645 (F)

So we are all on the verge to transform our wardrobes, we want to look stylish, we want to continue to wow everyone when we step outside of our homes, we want to know that we are able to pick and choose the style of today and completely own it!! Some inspo as you set yourselves forward for an amazing shopping experience!!


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