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LFW: Street Style That Slayed LFW Winter Fall 2017

S T R E E T.   S T Y L E S.


Do not underestimate the power of dressing, if we think about it we all feel in our element and in control with confidence when we step outside in our carefully selected pieces from our wardrobe – ready to wear.

We absolutely love people during fashion week when we see them walking around in statement clothing! Let’s not deny we all love swinging on our top outfits to slayyyy especially during LFW!!

LFW is a week where all fashionistas come together to explore their love of fashion through clothing styles. Let CVUK show you a few street styles which we were inspired by in recent pedestrian shots. This year the street style does not look at all like a cold winter fall fashion period but yet seems to swerve more to spring styles with a cold touch –and this is why we love it. The contrast between the London weather against the colourful garms worn by the masses make the outfits that little bit more appealing and exciting to see!

‘COOLKIDS being social’, Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘RETRO LOVE’ Photographer: Johnathan Daniel Pryce

‘FASHION VICTIM’, Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘FASHION KILLIN, MUNCHING FEELIN’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley


‘ARTISAN’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘THE SHOE FITS’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘GREEN AND YELLOW GALORE’, Photographer: Teri Pengilley


‘CANDY FLOSS’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘ALL BLACK EVERYTHING’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘DESIGNER’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘ECLIPSE’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘THINKING CAP’ Photographer: Teri Pengilley

‘TANGTASTIC’ Credit: Jonathon Daniel Pryce

‘FASHION CHIT CHAT’ Photographer: Jonathan Daniel Pryce

‘SLAY BABY GIRL’ Photographer: Jonathan Daniel Pryce’

‘LONDON BOY’ Photographer: Teri Pengiley

‘SHINE ON ME’ Photographer: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


‘FASHION PATTERNZ’ Photographer: Johnathan Daniel Pryce


Beautiful styles presented by the people for the people.

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