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Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

You might find yourself replying to emails twenty times a day without giving it more than a few seconds thought, why would you? It’s become such a natural part of our day. But experts and employers have agreed that incorrect email etiquette can completely sabotage your reputation, personally and professionally.

Here at CVUK, we are BIG on getting email etiquette spot on. Here’s a short list of the few ways we think you can get email etiquette just right.

1. Be Clear & Coherent
Why are you emailing? Get straight to the point, be concise. Don’t waffle, your recipient will probably press delete before you’ve even got to the main body if you begin by going off topic.

2. Grammar
Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. It’s the small things that matter.

3. Be Polite
It doesn’t cost anything to be polite, consciously make the effort to be courteous and portray yourself in the best way.

4. Auto Signature
Not only does it look extra professional, it also comes in handy for signing online contracts.

5. Proof Read
Check over your email at least twice. The first will be a skim read so really make the second count. Especially if your email is regarding a job, it immediately paints you as a vigilant candidate.

6. Response Times
When you receive the reply you really want, responding is the next hurdle. Seeming too eager but not eager enough can be tricky. Best practice is to reply within a 2-day window depending on the urgency of the email. Anything after 3-days and you will have probably been forgotten – it’s the harsh but honest truth. Sorry.

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