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New Year, New Start?

Once the last mince pie has been eaten and the Christmas decorations have been put away the focus dramatically shifts from gorging on anything chocolate and leftovers to gym memberships and blending anything green into a smoothie. However, the New Year does provide a huge amount of encouragement for anyone wanting to do anything drastic whether it’s to do with improving your health, changing your lifestyle or starting a new career.


At CVUK our new year starts with a new face. Our brand new website has launched today and like Christmas we have been preparing for ages and now, all of a sudden the day has arrived. Why not take a look at our new CVUK https://web.cvukgroup.com/ and CV International http://www.cvinternationalgroup.com/ website today.

Like most things, new endeavours and opportunities are normally put off until the New Year, with many employers now thinking about hiring for the year to come, why not submit your CV today https://web.cvukgroup.com/job-search/ or email holly@cvukgroup.com.  If like us you are ready for a change in your life and looking for a new career is at the top of your list then what’s stopping you.

Need any further job information or even our top tips on sticking to your new year’s resolutions then tweet us @CVUKGroup or leave us a comment.

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