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Domestic Violence UK

Domestic Violence UK is a non-profit organization set up to provide information and support victims of domestic and emotional abuse. DVUK do not rely receive any government funding or grants – they rely solely on donations, good will and the sales of their merchandise on their online store – – all which help to fund their projects.


DVUK currently stock an inspiring range of t-shirts, bags and stickers, featuring a powerful message ‘Love doesn’t hurt’ – to reach out to victims of domestic and emotional abuse. Supporters of this brave, inspirational charity receive a free sticker with every purchase or a free wristband when you order a t-shirt or tote bag.

Love doesn't hurt t-shirt

Love doesn’t hurt t-shirt £14.99

Love doesn't hurt organic tote bag £7.99

Love doesn’t hurt organic tote bag £7.99

Their next uplifting range will send out the message “Inspire hope Be a voice” which is coming soon to the site

Inspire hope be a voice t-shirt

Inspire hope be a voice t-shirt

So what do DVUK actually do and hope to achieve? Firstly, they hope to raise awareness on the issue of domestic and emotional abuse. The main objective of their website is to develop a supportive online community that provides victims of domestic violence with practical advice on how to find courage to deal with their situation, and move on from abusive relationships. By purchasing the items listed on their website, you can help DVUK to:

1. Provide free telephone counselling sessions for people who are dealing with the effects of domestic and emotional abuse.

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2. Maintain our online and text directory which allows people to find their nearest support organisation.

3. Produce and distribute our free online magazine which shares experiences and articles to inspire hope.

For more information visit http://www.dvuk.org/ | http://domesticviolenceuk.org/ and join CVUK in supporting a worthy cause!

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