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Spring has officially sprung! How to Spring into your new job…

After a  winter we thought may never end, the long weekend has confirmed what we’d all been hoping… Spring has sprung! Winter slowness is over and the vibe in London is transforming – everyone is getting out and about and for anyone seeking a new role it’s time to refresh and re-energise the way you’re approaching your search too.

Our Top Tips to Spring into a new role:

Keep your search specific: Although it can be easy after a while of not finding a role to relax your search and cast the net wider, it’s important to be specific in the roles you’re applying for. Although it may take longer, tailor your CV to each role – bring the most relevant dot points to the top of your employment history and make sure that your CV reflects the depth of your experience. We receive 100s of CVs a week so your experience needs to jump out at us.

Spruce up your CV: Not getting the result you want? Sick of attaching the same outdated Word Doc over and over? Why not mix things up – make the lay out clearer, add a splash of colour, ask your best friends-friend who does Graphic Design if they’d mind having a look at it. It’s all about standing out and if your CV is poorly formatted and hard to read – this could be costing you a chance for interview. Keep it brief and concise. A new CV can be a good talking point to reconnect with old contacts too.

Don’t be afraid to back yourself: Know you’re a good fit for the role? Want the opportunity? Walk into each interview knowing you can do the role and this will shine through in the way you sell yourself. Know why you’re suitable, think of the great things you’ve done in the past that the interviewer will want to hear. If you’re given advice, really think about the tips you’re given. Nothing worse than hearing you didn’t seem like you wanted it enough when on the inside you were thinking it was your dream role.

Get out and about: Have face to face meetings, make time to meet recruiters, make calls instead of sending emails – stay top of mind and make sure people think of you first when a role comes in. If we don’t know how well you present yourself and how strong your personality is we won’t be able to sell you into our clients.

Refresh your interview staples:  As all of us know, a new outfit can make the world of difference to our confidence. Get in the mood of the new season with a fun Spring day dress. We can’t get enough of Zara at the moment, our faves below:

ZARA1 zara3ZARA2

Although it can be a testing process, be patient! Things can take time but stay focused, sign up for job alerts, follow us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CVUK.Group and register your details on our website if nothing in particular jumps out. The best way to make sure you stay energised in your job search is by starting early. Be proactive and keep your eyes peeled when those thoughts start creeping in… There is no harm in discussing potential opportunities and there’s nothing worse than finding out your dream job was filled just last month. Get in touch and make sure we have your most recent CV if you are open to a change – we can do the work for you and make sure we contact you should something suitable pop up. Most of all, enjoy yourself… Get outside and enjoy the sun, check out the events cropping up all over London, take your mind off the job search and lap up this weather – who knows how long it will last!

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