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CVUK Interview Tip #12

Leave negativity at the door.

Nothing screams ‘NO’ more than a negative attitude in an interview. There could be any number of reasons you are interviewing for a new role but if the reason behind your decision has come from an unhappy time at your current role then it’s best kept to yourself.

Interviewers will ask you why you are looking to move on, especially if you have been in the role for a short amount of time, and this is your opportunity to prove your interest in developing your career in a company you view as having potential for growth. By asking this question they are also indirectly asking about how you work in a team environment and sussing out whether you are moving on for genuine reasons.  It is not a chance to start effing and blinding about how much of a **** your boss is and how you spend your days wasting away the hours trawling the Daily Mail and building up a wishlist on Net-A-Porter due to lack of boredom.

Whatever issues you have with your current employers are totally irrelevant to any potential future employers and will give the impression you are a difficult person to get on with and may create an uncomfortable working environment, so leave those behind and view this as an opportunity for a fresh start, not all bosses are the same!

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