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CVUK Interview Tip Of The Week #10

How to wow on the phone.

The most common misconception that people have about phone interviews is that they’re an informal version of an interview when in fact a telephone interview can be the most important part of an interview process.

A phone interview could be chosen for the first stage of an interview process for many reasons, location, lack of time etc. but it can be more important than any other stage in the process as you must sell yourself through words alone. There isn’t the usual opportunity to prove yourself through your personality and physical presence so the way you articulate becomes more important than ever. An employer will decide whether or not to continue your application based purely on the phone interview. These are a few simple points to ensure you conduct the best phone interview you can.

A phone interview is just as important to prepare for as a face to face interview; ensuring you have a quiet place to have the conversation is vital as disruptions sound unprofessional and can be distracting. Keep your CV to hand and refer to it throughout as the person on the other end of the line will most likely have a copy in front of them too.

Think about your posture and appearance, even though you can’t be seen. Sitting slumped on the sofa will distract from the fact you are in fact in an interview and your relaxed state may come across over the phone, and talk with a smile. Focus on experience that will interest the interviewer as it is harder to hold the attention on the phone. It is likely that will be surrounded with distractions and if they are not interested in what you are saying the interview will be unsuccessful.

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