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Back to Blog April 19, 2010

Volcanic Ash has made quite the impact on the fashion retail industry….

Here is an extract from the global retail exec’s blog about the Volcano’s affect on the fashion retail world…

For the full article go to http://blog.globalretailexec.org/2010/04/the-retail-experience-europe-under-the-ash-cloud.html

“While the fashion supply chain on the whole doesn’t move as fast as perishable food, one area that will definitely be affected by a long-term reduction in air freight capacity is the emerging “fast fashion” category, where collections are turned 10-15 times a year instead of the more traditional 4-5. One retail exec we spoke with suggested that unforseen delays in the availability of one collection in stores will have a cascade effect on other collections and that having collections too close together could pose some problems, but as our source said, prefering to remain anonymous: “But the reality is that retailers are very resourceful, and you could only accurately calculate that long term effect if the retailer did nothing to change course or react to the circumstances – and we always do.” So for the time being, the impact on fashion is an inconvenience to mail-order shoppers, but the brands should be fine in the medium and long terms.”

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