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The Fashion Blog Lowdown…

girls-shoppingFashion blogging is kind of a big deal these days, infact having a fashion blog is enough to make you pretty dam famous in the fashion world.  And i’m not talking about some sort of blow in, here today gone tomorrow kinda person,  like some sort of fashion fad (see high heels with tracksuit bottoms) i’m talking proper worldwide, lifelong, fashion fame.  These are the guys who get the front row seats at all the biggest fashion shows.

The thing about fashion blogs is they seem to get all the information first, whether its about the latest heels or handbags, or just down right dirty goss straight from catwalk dresssing room.  It is this accessibility to instant fashion info that the blog readers seem to love so much, and although big fashion blog names such as Moment and Catwalk Queen remain popular, it is the smaller, grittier, independent blogs that are in the virtual limelight.

But there is so many to choose from, and how do you sort the wheat from the chaff (because trust me there is alot if chaff).  Well here is a lowdown of some of CVUK’s favourites.

Liberty London Girl http://www.libertylondongirl.blogspot.com/

“The anonymous thoughts of an English fashion editor in Manhattan on life, love, fashion, design and food”.  The tagline says it all really, and the fact that LLG has decided to remain anonymous indicates that the content 0f this blog sometimes gives away things it probably shouldn’t.  LLG beat all the magazines and newspapers to Sir Phillip Green’s announcement that he was going to open tophop in America.  French Vogue called it “Une bible!”…well if it’s good enough for the French voguers…

What Katie Wore http://www.whatkatiewore.com/

Everyone is talking about what katie wore.  Incase you’ve missed it, heres’s the scoop.  Basically East London dwelling Katie has been wearing a different outfit everyday of the year since January, and her possibly slightly obsessed, possibly satirical boyfriend takes a picture, writes about the details and throws it all up on the blog.  Now everyone can admire/bitch about Katie’s outfits, which it has to be said are often on the cutting edge of fashion, and we are talking very edge here.  For example we weren’t too sure if her Halloween get up was an outfit or a costume to be honest.  Anyway, it’s good for a quick laugh at lunch…

The Thoughtful Dresser http://www.thethoughtfuldresser.blogspot.com/

Linda Grant is an award winning journalist and novelist who writes for The Guardian, Telegraph and Vogue.  She’s sharp, witty, political and informitive all in the name of fashion.  She blogs about everything from dress codes in Iran to dress codes for over fifties, check her out.

Stylebubble http://www.stylebubble.typepad.com/

British born Chinese fashionista Susie Lau has been blogging since March 2006.  Expect daily diary blogging of all the quirky things Susie Lau loves with lots of self modelling pics of all her purchases.  Lau is so polular with 20, 000 hits, she has recently been asked to write for the online version of Dazed and Confused magazine.

Theres so many more great fashion blogs out there, have a browse, find one you like, become obsessed, everyones at it!

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