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Back to Blog November 4, 2009

New weekly fashion mag 'Stylist'..and it's free!

Stylist-Magazine-first-is-001The London Paper has disappeared and The London Evening Standard had no choice but to enter the free market, so is it the right time for a new free commuter magazine?  And not just any magazine, one targeted at 20-40 year old women with a keen interest in fashion, those avid Grazia readers among us.  Yes please, one more can’t hurt, can it?

 Stylist is the sister paper to the ever successful men’s free weekly Shortlist, from the Shortlist media group.  The new mag comprises of everything you would expect from a classic women’s weekly with a slightly more professional approach, with plans to enlarge the business and finance sections. 

This week features lots of cultural news, the obvious fashion and beauty tips and some great product info. The mag certainly provides a more entertaining flick on the way home from work than your average free publication; I even spotted at least five men in my tube carriage having a looksy.

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 Maybe they were checking out the interview with the gorgeous Claudia Schiffer or agreeing with the article about whether women ‘are too weepy or bitchy at work?’

 We also love the ‘Work Life’ section, its all about an insight into a day in the life of a successful business woman, something we here at CVUK are pretty familiar with.  Pretty hectic according to Gloria de Piero, GMTV’s political correspondent. 3.30am rise anyone?

 In case you haven’t noticed you can pick up a copy of Stylist every Wednesday outside most main public transport stops in…wait for it… London, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton, Leeds and Birmingham.  It’s also available online for your browsing pleasure.  They are only on their fifth issue..yay for Stylist!

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