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Back to Blog October 30, 2009

Everybody is talking about Anthropologie…

anthropologie-londonUrban Outfitter’s sister brand Anthropologie has opened its first European store in Regent Street.  The shop originally opened in 1992 in Pennsylvania and now has 130 stores in 24 states across the USA.  Despite the economic downturn, Anthropolgie seem confident that the new store will have the necessary recipe for success against the current competition in fashion retail, appealing to a target market of 30 something, upwardly mobile, female shoppers.    

It has to be said that the shop is absolutely beautiful and stretches over three floors with 11, 000 square feet of space.  It is the intricate interior that really sets a wonderful scene and creates a unique shopping experience.  The centre piece, consisting of a living green wall made up of 14, 000 plants, is spread across the main wall of all three floors.  Other elaborate interior designs include a window display of 12, 000 used teabags and a large fabric whale created and hand painted by in house teams.  No two stores look the same and each store has its own interior designer.  Even the displays are original and intriguing.  It is this attention to detail and originality of the interior that sets the store apart from its competitors and has made Anthropolgie so popular in the USA.  Many spend hours simply browsing, or as the Americans put it, ‘hanging out’ and its obvious to see why.  It’s not just the interior; it’s the great smell, the tranquil music, the general relaxed boho vibe that has made Anthropolgie so popular in the US and we are sure it will meet equal success here in London.     anthropologie bookshelf

 Aside from the gorgeous interior and fascinating visual merchandising, the products on offer are brilliant.  Incorporating an assorted mix of some own label clothing, bought in brands and lots of homeware, furniture and a plethora of random bits and bobs.  No matter what you purchase, big or small you can be sure that it will be placed in some equally aesthetically pleasing packaging. 

James Bidwell, managing director for Anthropologie Europe, said: “The synergy of London and its eclectic mix of fashion, culture and arts fit perfectly with the Anthropologie philosophy.” Careful consideration has been taken by the brand to recruit a European buying and design team which will be vital to the success of the new store as they understand the need for a different retail strategy in the UK.  A second store is set to open on the King’s Road in Fulham early next year, but don’t wait, go to Regent Street now, treat your self, just remember to bring plastic….

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